Meet Danielle. She's a young mother. And a stage 4 breast cancer patient. A single lock of Danielle's hair becomes a symbol for the fight against breast cancer because we've turned it into a diamond. The more valuable this diamond becomes, the more we will be able to fund life-saving research against breast cancer.

Hero: Danielle Callaghan
Client: Against Breast Cancer
Client Management: Kelly Gibson, Bryony Jones
Agency: BETCA
Gency Management: Damien Clanet, Kim Jacovidis
Executive Creative Directors: Stéphane Xiberras
Creative Director: David Martin Angelus
Art Director: Thomas Defert
Copywriter: Olivier Mille
Producter: Bao Tu-Ngoc, Felix Vroegop
Production House: Quad Stories
Sound Production: Sizzer Amsterdam DIRECTOR Nina Aaldering
Jewel Design & Production: Pascale Monvoisin
Director Of Photography: Tibor Dingelstad
Producer: Seydi Bayrak, Martin Coulaisline
Producer: Virgile Olivepost
Editor: Alexandra de Beyssac
Colorgrading: Captcha, Barry Clarke
DOP Interview: Thibault Royer
DOP Diamond: Julien lascar

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